Ideas and Concept’s

Have you got an interesting idea? Have you seen something interesting outfit? Would you like a guaranteed original accessory to your fetish outfit and don’t want to meet anyone with the same fetish gear at the party or event? Just tell us to and we will find create an original piece for you!

We offer in the Ideas and concept’s a possibility to produce your very own accessory or product. How does that sound?

  1. Send us your idea or your concept of your dream accessory. Sometimes the description will suffice or a link to a similar product, even a drawing of what you have. Just add a statement of what you want to use as your Idea or concept.
  2. We evaluate the feasibility of your design by our experienced team. Next, possible variants will be prepared (materials used, colours, etc.) and we recommend options as well as the price of your realization. We reserve the right not to accept the proposal or not implement your idea (even our skilled hands have limits;-).
  3. If your satisfied by our offer, we can arrange together other production details (exact measurements, etc.) and you can order the production without obligation.
  4. We will take photos of your product and send you the pictures. If you are satisfied, after paying the agreed payment, we will send your realized item. Other standard trading conditions aren't without prejudice.
  5. We will send you a certificate of originality, where we guarantee that we will not continue to offer your product and idea in our store or produce more duplicates. So you can be sure that you meet nobody with the same accessory at whatever party or event you happen to be at. But we may use the image may for marketing purposes. You too can join our loyalty program Fetishak in play.
  6. In the event that you will not like our final product for any reason, you are not bound for purchase of goods and it is without any cost for you. In this case, we hereby reserve the right to use your ideas to the production of products and put them up for sale if it is in accordance with the focus of our business.