How to take care of natural rubber products


If you want your product from Fetishak to last longer, you will need to give it some care and attention.


Rubber,eventhough it is a natural metrial, even though if may not look it, does get ware and tear and therefore would be sensitive to rough handling. What is not good for the rubber are oils. Natural rubber is badly damaged by fats and minerals or vegetable oils. Typically it happens using some fat lubricants (Crisco, etc.) while playing. After short effect of oil you can help prevent damage by intensive washing with mild detergent or soap. What doesn’t matter to rubber is water or silicone oil. If you want to have a nicely polished rubber product and enhance its stability and durability, treat it with suitable silicone latex polishing (> Rubber care).


For products that have metal joints and accessories (which are most of our products) is necessary to prevent corrosion and rust. Do not leave product for long-term in water or great moisture and after cleaning it properly let to dry. For preservation and shine polish them with a suitable silicone polishing.