We all love our games and equipment, and every guy knows that games include toys and accessories from Fetishak. Just unleash your imagination on our choice of proven tools. Rubber toys can be  divided into two categories. Soft is more decorative  ideal for hot photos and original outfit for events. The other design is hard, dedicated for the endurance, durability and load capacity.

Our rubber material was selected for high performance comparable to leather but with full water and oil resistance. This allows you to feel the rubber but still have durability of natural leather in Fetishak gear. However, if our offer does not meet your expectations, please contact us, using the Ideas and Concept’s and we will create the right one for you.

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Comfortable rubber sling for any plaing.
195,00 €
Massive rubber gear for your playroom.
369,00 €
Exclusive rubber sling with new shape for better access.
249,00 €
Rubber collar with colour accent.
44,00 €
Rubber foot loops for slings.
35,00 €
Rubber belts set - more options - more play.
179,00 €
Rubber collar -more options as expected.
38,00 €
Rubber collar for bondage
59,00 €
Rubber belts set for bondage on sling/bed.
69,00 €
Fitting with NATO40 thread for gas masks connection to standard anesthetic fitings
4,50 €
Rubber featured body harness
187,00 €
Rubber body harness
90,00 €
Rubber body harness
75,00 €
Rubber body harness
145,00 €
Rubber body harness with red rubber.
85,00 €
Heavy-duty rubber suspension harness
249,00 €
Rubber featured body harness
129,00 €
Rubber body harness
90,00 €
Rubber body harness
70,00 €
Multipurpose adjustable head harness - dog or bondage.
179,00 €