Goals and vision

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Fetishak brings the devil out in you!


Our brand is wordplay from two czech words. While fetishak (fetišak) means somebody addicted to fetish stuff, term feshak (fešak) is use for handsome or good looking guys, simply a looker. And the little devil shows on the anagram. Because everybody has a little devil inside of them!


Fetishak - is an original approach to the fetish fashion accessories and footwear. Rubber and latex are materials bearing strong sex drive. We are trying to combine sex appeal, fashion trends but also functionality. Using the classic technologies we offer to you a growing range of footwear and accessories for most courageous fetish outfits. All our products are made by ourselves in our workshop in the Czech Republic, exclusively handmade.


Our goal is to help to create fetish accessories and footwear for the community in the Czech Republic and the world. We focus on men's accessories and products but we are not against making items for ladies.