Materials and options



The basic material for the production of our grear and accesories is technical rubber with a thickness from 1 to 4 mm. To even increse endurance for hard performance, rubber with fabric insert is used in Fetishak's products. 5cm wide loop strap from such rubber can hold 90 kg body weight witout any demages.  In contrast to latex the technical rubber holds its shape fairly well, and it can be joined together using rivets.

For even higher reinforcement, if needed, we use extra strong glue which joints the rubber surfaces forever.

The rubber material has a deep black and glossy surface, which can be polished using standard latex or rubber polishes (water- or silicone-based).

Technical parametres  of rubber used for Fetishak gear (values declared by production factory):

Tensile strength [N/mm2]: 7
Elongation at break [%]: 250

Oil resistance: good resistant
Benzine resistance: good resistant
Acid resistance: moderately resistant
Strong bases: moderately resistant

Rubber material used in casual rubber gear on market have tensile strenght around 3 - 4 N/mm2 and limit elongation up to 200%. Whats really differ is whats happens with rubber after strong flexion. Many gear producers (even well-known brands) use weak rubber material which break easily just by mild pressure by hands.


Extra category fo material is our white rubber.  Is not white as white. White rubber used in Fetishak's gear is resistand to fats and colouring, which can occure to standard latex after contact with black rubber. Our white rubber you can easily clean by some sope/detergent to return snow white. And we don't mentioned the feeling to the touch of this rubber... It's rubber welvet and you will love it!




Latex is based on natural rubbers and this brings some features and some limitations to this material. From natural rubber is produces basis of our boots as well. It provides them with a very high level of comfort and acceptable ratio between toughness and adaptability.

For some wear we use  standard latex material as is  know from other brands but it have standard limitation as all latex goods have. Despite can bring lot of pleasure  and nice feeling.

Fats and mineral or vegetable oils can damage natural rubber. See details on How to take care of rubber products.


PVC - synthetic material is used mainly for the cheapest boots.  If the surface is matt, PVC cannot be polished, the contrary in the form it retains a permanent gloss without treated. We reject the use of PVC for more reason. Simply it is not a rubber.


Rivets and holes

For some of our products or in case of the original design can be selected black,  colour or old-cooper rivets instead of the standard nickel finish. For creating interesting design patterns we can then be use rivets in varied sizes and shapes. For a more detailed offer and prices please feel free to contact us.


rivets nickelrivets blackrivets red

The eyelets in the lace holes are available in nickel, black, yellow, white, blue and red or as screw nut-shape metal eyelets (hexagonal). It is also possible to use hooks or wire eyelets or for minimalist design empty holes in rubber.

holes nickel  holes black

holes nuts  holes yellow