Suspension harness

Heavy-duty rubber suspension harness
229,00 € exclusive Steuer


Simply but multifunctional body harness made from extra strong rubber. Are comfortable even as standard harness for fashion or parties, durable enough for playing.

Harness are made from strong 4mm thick reinforced rubber resistant to oils and fats. Straps are 5 cm wide with double-needle buckles. All joints are secured with rivets and super-strong glue.

Upper straps with D-rings for vertical position are even reinforced for extra durability. Two side-rings allow other suspension positions for even more fun.

One 5cm wide strap can hold up to 140kg of static stess. Complet harnesses were extensively tested with live weight over 110kg.

Straps for buckles are enough long to hold any body so harness are unisize.



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