Heavy rubber bed sheet

Heavy rubber cover bed mattress

Heavy rubber mattress cover transform any sleeping room into playroom heaven for all kinky games .

  • This rubber bed sheet is made from robust 0.5mm industrial rubber resistant for oil, fats and water
  • High durability, comfort and glossy surface. No problem to go in bed with metal parts or boots
  • Rubber is smooth and do not stick to skin as casual latex.
  • Metal eyelets allows to faster sheet to mattress, which guarante no movements of sheet


This rubber sheet is 140x250cm for mattress 200x90(80)cm          


Bed lining can be washed by hand in mild soap and polished by silicon oil or any latex compatible polish.      

Hot model and gas mask  are not a part of this gear.


Heavy rubber bed sheets are great in combination with this bed linen, have a look!

For some more possibilities just send us your wishes.