Fetishak in play


Take photos and get money back!


Do you look good in rubber? Do you have an accessory from Fetishak and want to get a part of money back or discount on other interesting products from our range? Then join our  program Fetishak in play. It's that simple!


Send us your photos where you are armed with your Fetishak product (if your shy, can be from the back or in the mask, or...). You can add a description of your experience or event when you had it on, even a contact on your profile, etc.


If we find your pictures enough interesting and with acteptable quality that we can use them for our presentation, you win! Depends on  model of gear which will be on your photos, you will get up to 50 % of price of your gear back or discount to next purchase from our e-shop (decision  between these options is up to you).

The criteria of photos quality is purely subjective;-) We just need to see something interesting on the photo and it has to have at some quality (this may not be from a professional, but not "selfie" quality too). In the event that your photos will be too hot for publication, you get a discount too, but that wouldn't be in the public on our site or we subtly adjust it. In case that  your photos will be not enough interestind for presentation, we completly delete them and will be not used anymore.

So show off Fetishak and show how good you look with it!


In case you dont have any gear from Fetishak but despite you think you can look good in them, contact us, we looking for interesting models for our brand.